Friday, May 27, 2011

Lonely No More

Admittedly, I am soooo not a very good blogger. Oh well.

Since the last blog I took my first solo trip since my kids arrived in my life. My destination was Louisville, KY and more specifically the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit. Simply put it is a huge conference that brings most of those who have anything to do with orphan care together to.....

"Learn to do good, seek justice, reprove the ruthless, defend the orphan, plead for the widow." Isaiah 1:17

No doubt I could speak for hours and write a book about the experiences and moments that were shared with me. It was such blessed and fruitful event to my soul.

(hmmmm.... It occurs to me right now that I don't think that I have introduced my heart and deepest passion on this blog. I know, you're probably thinking, "Well, it mustn't be that big of a 'thing' if she hasn't mentioned it yet." Understood. Though, that is not the case. For those that know me in real life know that if I can (and I always tend to find a way) discuss, study, and pray about global orphan care and my role in it.... I do. Period. Thus, the trip to the Summit.) Can I put a whole paragraph in parenthesis?

One moment that swept me off of my feet was meeting a fellow adoptee, Stephanie. Like myself she was adopted from Korea, but during an earlier generation and under different circumstances. The reason for her special mention here is due to common connection that is found in Jesus Christ. The joy of God that exuded from her resembled my heart and I wanted to explode! Her message was the message that I have been carrying and jabbering on about the last few years. Again Jesus and even more specifically the joys and redemptive value in being twice orphaned and twice adopted and the Lord's own heart for the orphan.

This meeting may seem like no big deal, but she was the first adoptee (or anyone) that I absolutely and totally identified with.... like ever. (That sounds pretty sad) I was beginning to feel a bit lonely. God is good and he absolutely created humanity to connect and I am so grateful to connect with Stephanie and one of the organizations that she participates with, Loving Shepherd Ministries. (More to come about them another time.)

Well, carpal tunnel is setting in and laying the smack down on me. Sigh, I wish that I took a pic with her. See, not that good of a blogger, but I believe that I will see her again.


Mel said...

It was great to meet you and Steph at Summit! I'm glad you guys connected on such a heart level. I hope you're able to discern where God is leading you in terms of orphan ministry. There are so many options!
P.S. We decided to start the process to adopt a sibling group from Ethiopia!!!


Tasha said...

I hope the you keep up on the blog!!! I enjoy reading your posts!

silverjewel said...

Mel, it was so good to meet you as well! Your next adoption will be in my prayers!

Tasha, thank you!

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