Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm A Princess

Recently (years really)I have made it a point to search out my life by asking the "who's, what's, where's, why's, when's, and how's" in order to...

"You will seek Me and find Me when you search for me with all your heart." Jer. 29:13 "It is the glory of God to conceal a matter but the glory of kings to search out a matter." Pro. 25:2

You see, adoption and the lack there of (spiritually) have effected me (and everyone else on this world) more than I knew it at the time. Make sense? Again, wish I were speaking to you all instead.... of writing.

To me adoption was a great thing as a kid (still is, but for more eternal reasons). As if my Koreaness didn't already; it set me apart. And for that matter it set me on a pedestal. Just ask me! In short it was one part of my ticket to Awesome town. Adoption was also a great tool in manipulation. For better and for worse I rarely used adoption during my manipulation efforts... This is not one of those times.

Let me introduce you alll to my siblings. We are all just about 2yrs. (give or take) apart from each other. This is about as good as we look (I tried) at my brother's wedding last May. Jeff is 28yo and sandwiched between myself (29yo) and our sister (to be 26yo). Lucky him! Although, this post isn't really about him, but he is the middle child and I didn't want to encourage his middle child attitude any further ;-)

All this is to say that I get a giggle over one childhood event ....

Now, I am not sure how old I was when this occurred, but my sister says that she has a clear memory of this.... soooooo perhaps I might have been in 3rd or 4th grade. It would fit into a time of some of my great lies that were told :-) Anyways, it was a time when I NEEDED some extra hands in my chores and apparently a boost to my ego.

The gist of the conversation between my sister and I....

Me: "I bet you didn't know that I was a princess in Korea."

Erin: "Really?"

Me: "Yep. I only came here b/c I was too popular to be there. Mom and Dad don't talk about it much b/c it reminds them of when I will have to go back and be a queen."

Erin: eyes wide

Me: "So it might be good that you bow and serve me while I am here, but don't do it in front of Mom and Dad. Okay?"

Erin: "OKAY!"

Well, I don't remember how long she bowed down and served me, but my sister (last time it was mentioned... I thinkI) claimed that it lasted weeks, but I would think shorter. Though, I am sure that it felt like weeks! I do know that I wasn't too upset when it all came crashing down b/c I was already up to my next..... "idea." Pretty sure that was the creation of the "Pet Toy Fund" and yes, I was the money holder.... Did I mention that I was an amazing big sister?

Is there a lesson here? Ummm.... Don't be fooled, kids sin. Even us cute ones! Well, it just goes to show that I have had pride and power issues since the beginning. Sigh. That and my imagination was better back then!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Got 'Em All!

It is a rare thing for all 5 of us to be in a picture together and an even rarer one to have us all looking darn good (if I do so myself). So I thought that I would share a couple that were taken of us real fast on Easter Sunday.

Thanks to Rebecca ( for 1. coming to our church that morning and 2. seeing me desperately trying to get a pic of my kids together and offering to snap a couple for us!

Lonely No More

Admittedly, I am soooo not a very good blogger. Oh well.

Since the last blog I took my first solo trip since my kids arrived in my life. My destination was Louisville, KY and more specifically the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit. Simply put it is a huge conference that brings most of those who have anything to do with orphan care together to.....

"Learn to do good, seek justice, reprove the ruthless, defend the orphan, plead for the widow." Isaiah 1:17

No doubt I could speak for hours and write a book about the experiences and moments that were shared with me. It was such blessed and fruitful event to my soul.

(hmmmm.... It occurs to me right now that I don't think that I have introduced my heart and deepest passion on this blog. I know, you're probably thinking, "Well, it mustn't be that big of a 'thing' if she hasn't mentioned it yet." Understood. Though, that is not the case. For those that know me in real life know that if I can (and I always tend to find a way) discuss, study, and pray about global orphan care and my role in it.... I do. Period. Thus, the trip to the Summit.) Can I put a whole paragraph in parenthesis?

One moment that swept me off of my feet was meeting a fellow adoptee, Stephanie. Like myself she was adopted from Korea, but during an earlier generation and under different circumstances. The reason for her special mention here is due to common connection that is found in Jesus Christ. The joy of God that exuded from her resembled my heart and I wanted to explode! Her message was the message that I have been carrying and jabbering on about the last few years. Again Jesus and even more specifically the joys and redemptive value in being twice orphaned and twice adopted and the Lord's own heart for the orphan.

This meeting may seem like no big deal, but she was the first adoptee (or anyone) that I absolutely and totally identified with.... like ever. (That sounds pretty sad) I was beginning to feel a bit lonely. God is good and he absolutely created humanity to connect and I am so grateful to connect with Stephanie and one of the organizations that she participates with, Loving Shepherd Ministries. (More to come about them another time.)

Well, carpal tunnel is setting in and laying the smack down on me. Sigh, I wish that I took a pic with her. See, not that good of a blogger, but I believe that I will see her again.
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