Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trash Talking

I am a giddy Korean girl at the moment. That which I was not born with, but covet is now resting on my head. Do you know what I might be referring to?

That's right, it is the epic battle of wanting what I do not have and kicking my opponent in the face!!!! The curling iron owned my straight hair today. I could have sworn that I heard it trash talking as it was heating up! Do you see those curls??? They are fantastic if I don't say so myself. Though, it will be even better when my hair is longer and it doesn't simply highlight my round face.

Speaking of round faces....

One of my favorite nights in a month are the dinners that I attend with other adult Korean adoptees. They are fascinating and so much fun. The last dinner most of the topic matter had to do with hair and our "fat" faces as quoted by many of the others in attendance. How does one prevent "fat" face? How does one apply makeup to a "fat" face? Don't be fooled these topics are very serious to each us and are such a source of hilariousness (is that a word?).

Oh and did you notice that I have moved up in the world of blogging? A picture speaks a thousand words. Which is good b/c my carpal tunnel syndrome hates me for blogging. This is one huge reason why I will likely never get my fullness of thought down in a single post. 'tis life.


Tasha said...

This may seem weird to you, but I've never thought of your face as fat. Asian faces have been some of my favorite faces to look at since I was a small girl. A friend of mine had an American Doll magazine growing up, and I remember considering getting a baby with an Asian face.

silverjewel said...

Well, by the time I hit adulthood I came to realize that my face isn't actually fat, but super round. I try and wear my hair in a way that make it not appear quite so wide. Not gonna lie... It annoys me.

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