Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Like Me?

On a lighter note...

7 years ago I found myself pregnant for the first time. Now there are many stories that could and probably will be told sometime on this blog, but for the time being I am going to skip to the last couple of months of the pregnancy.

The last 2 months were utterly peaceful compared to the first half except for one fear. Sure pregnant women have fears and odd dreams, but it wasn't until recent years did I realize just how odd my fear had been.

My fear came out as cry or plea to God.


Yep. That was my great fear. Nope. Not the idea of pushing a bowling ball out of you know where or his health, or even my mothering skills... Sigh.

Either way this thought freaked the crap out of me! The anxiety that I incurred as a result was insane and it only ended as my contractions started to come with some force. And of course all was fine and my child didn't look "just like me," but like the both of us. DUH. The answer had to be a "duh" type of answer or else it wouldn't have been an irrational pregnancy fear ;-)

Like I wrote earlier, recently looking back I have realized that, yeah that's a weird thought.

Why think that?

I am rather content with the work God has done with me. So I don't believe that it is so much about looks as it is more about what is known and familiar to me. In my life the people that I love in a fiercely protective and as unconditionally as possible kind of way DO NOT LOOK LIKE ME! Go figure. To give you a visual... My dad's side of the family can be traced back to Wyatt Earp and my mom's side can be traced back to Daniel Boone. You with me now? And heck, it is not like I walk around looking at myself all day long.

Oh the humor God has and what a small understanding I have of it!!!


Mel said...

It's definitely weird to think I had to be 20 before I had anyone that I knew that legitimately looked like me! I'd never put my finger on it but you're so right.


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